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Nôze: “We don’t do vodka anymore, we drink champagne now.”


Ehrlich, hautnah und noch ein bisschen verschwitzt – so mögen wir unsere Interviewpartner am liebsten. Backstage ist die Sendung für diejenigen, die nie genug von exklusiven Infos aus erster Hand und wilden Geschichten rund um Tourleben, Musikproduktion und Künstlerdasein bekommen können. Wir bitten Künstler aller Couleur zum Gespräch in die Backstage-Räume der Hannoverschen Clubs.

[021] Nôze: “We don’t do vodka anymore, we drink champagne now.”

Nicolas Sfintescu & Ezechiel Pailhès (Nôze)

Ernst.FM reporters Chrissi and Clara met the French duo Nôze at this year’s Fuchsbau Festival. Waiting for the festival to begin the four had a little chat about the performances and music of Nôze. They also talked about champagne and getting naked in winter because these things are important if you are a DJ duo from Paris.

We read a lot about you being quite an unlikely pair. Ezechiel, you studied classical music and Nicolas, you have always been the DJ. How does this fit together?

Nicolas: When we met, I was producing electronic music on my own and mixed it with a lot of free jazz elements. He didn’t know anything about electronic music but we started to do music together anyways.

Do you still feel these different backgrounds?

Nicolas: Ezechiel and me have been listening to the same music when we met. We just don’t have the same education. Nowadays, he knows even more about electronic music than me, though.

Ezechiel: Yes, David Guetta for example. (laughs)

It seems like you are a good fit on stage. What about off stage?

Nicolas: We don’t really talk to each other when we are off stage.

Ezechiel: Just when we have an interview or another obligation. Most of the times we just fight a lot. (Nicolas laughs)

That’s surprising! We saw some videos on YouTube showing you putting on quite a show for the audience. Do you play specific roles on stage or is this just like you are?

Nicolas: It’s just like we are, it comes very natural.

Ezechiel: We don’t plan or work on our stage performance.

Is everything spontaneous then, or have you developed any habits?

Nicolas: What you can do on stage depends on the place and the audience. For example, we’ve been playing in Montreal outside in winter and we got naked. It would not have been funny if it had been summer.

Are you always okay with what the other one is doing on stage?

Nicolas: I usually don’t see him. (laughs) No, he can do whatever he wants. Sometimes he’s sleeping, sometimes he’s awake drinking.

Ezechiel: Sometimes I even go to the toilet. Stage is life, you know.

Stage is life? Which one is your true character? The one on stage or the one off stage?

Nicolas: The one with alcohol. That can be on or off stage.

Let’s talk about your new album „Come with us“. I have the impression that it’s a little less dance floor and more like something you can listen to in the living room.

Nicolas: Yes, but we produced two versions. We also released a remix album.

Ezechiel: One for the dance floor and the other one for the living room.

How it came about that you made something for the living room, too?

Nicolas: We’ve been working with a drummer and a guitar-player and we wanted to make music as a band. Thus, it was natural to record music that you just listen to rather than music you dance to. When we finished the album we decided to remix all the tracks and produce a version for the dance floor because we also like when people dance to our music.

Did you also produce this second version for your fans who are used to your dance floor music?

Nicolas: Maybe a little bit. But mostly because we like to play in clubs and play dance music.

Are there any more changes planned for Nôze in the future?

Nicolas: I don’t know yet. At the moment we are mostly working on remixes but further than that we don’t know. There might be some collaborations coming.

Do you already have your bottle of vodka for the upcoming concert?

Nicolas: We don’t do vodka anymore, we drink champagne now.

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