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GOSTO: “Making music with these guys feels like home to me.”


Ehrlich, hautnah und noch ein bisschen verschwitzt – so mögen wir unsere Interviewpartner am liebsten. Backstage ist die Sendung für diejenigen, die nie genug von exklusiven Infos aus erster Hand und wilden Geschichten rund um Tourleben, Musikproduktion und Künstlerdasein bekommen können. Wir bitten Künstler aller Couleur zum Gespräch in die Backstage-Räume der Hannoverschen Clubs.

[020] GOSTO: “Making music with these guys feels like home to me.”

GOSTO @ Fuchsbau Festival 2015

Daniel and Clara met the Dutch band GOSTO at this year’s Fuchsbau Festival. Still impressed by their first show in Germany, the guys answered a few questions about the festival’s motto “hubris” and told them about their travels which influence them a lot. Watch out because it’s getting quite philosophical at some points.

Did you know that every Fuchsbau Festival is themed?

Roel: No, we didn’t.

This year’s theme is “hubris”, which means over-estimating oneself. It’s called Größenwahn in German. When does over-estimation start for you as an artist?

Roel: Tough question! Over-estimation starts when you think you have big success but after you achieved that success you realize that the trip has just started. It’s just part of your journey.

Bram: I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet, where we felt too big for ourselves.

Weren’t there any points in your career where you over-estimated yourselves?

Roel: Let’s say it the other way around. There were a lot of times when I under-estimated myself. For example, before I release a CD I’m afraid, anxious maybe, that it’s not turning out as cool as it was in my mind. But when you just do these things you see that they turn out great. Like the show we did tonight at the Fuchsbau Festival. It was our first time playing in Germany in front of a new audience but in the end we got so much love from them.

Bram: Maybe tonight was the night we had that feeling of achieving more than we thought we would. We felt so good after the show and I think we never felt like this before.

GOSTO @ Fuchsbau Festival

Luc: I think over-estimation happens a lot when you write songs. If you think you wrote a great piece and then you show it to other people and sometimes they make you realize that you over-estimated yourself.

Do you think that hubris can be a motivation or an inspiration for an artist?

Bram: Yes, but I think what keeps you going is more being convinced of yourself. Last week we recorded in the studio and what Roel made out of the track was so great that we felt really powerful. Is that the same thing as hubris? Because then we have it.

We’ve already talked about modesty which is the opposite of hubris. Would you say that modesty influences your music as well?

Mats: I think being modest and understate certain things can be cool in music. I’m a drummer and I can play very complex things but as soon as I start understating what I’m playing, it’s getting really cool. When the sound is good and you know what you do, then you can start understating things musically and you’re kind of flying above it all. For me understatement is a really big influence.

We read on your Facebook page that travelling influences your music as well. Could you explain that?

Roel: When you’re travelling you meet a lot of people, you get to know the music they listen to and you get to know their culture. When I was living in California, I got to know the potential of beat-making and I really got inspired by artists like Flying Lotus. I never heard music like that before. You pick up everything you hear on your journeys and in the end it combines in your own sound.

Mats: And when you’re travelling you have spare time, for example in the car, to think and to have deep conversations. It helps to be efficient.

Can you think of a specific journey that influenced you?

Roel: When I was living in Istanbul, I hadn’t really decided if I wanted to study music. Then I saw all these musicians playing with great virtuosity and every day I was surrounded by a lot of people that lived on music. That inspired me to make music my profession, too.

Bram: I come from a small village in Holland and then I went to Amsterdam, a really big city for a little boy. I met the band in Amsterdam and the guys formed me for life. I would say that’s a great example for travelling end experiencing new shit.

GOSTO @ Fuchsbau Festival

What was there first in your life, music or travelling?

Luc: I haven’t been travelling so much yet. I’m very young, barely twelve years old. (laughs) Thus, I think music was there first because I’ve been thinking about music all my life.

Roel: Obviously there is a story of life and in that story one passion comes after the other. I was already listening to the piano and hitting the keys when I was four years old. We all share our interest in music that existed all our lives. I think when you’re travelling you notice the music because you are a musician. So you travel as a musician.

Bram: You don’t travel because you’re a musician. You travel, and you are a musician. And that’s why you notice the music.

So your ears are more open during your travels because you all are musicians. Do you still have time to travel without the band?

Mats: I didn’t travel as much as Roel, he’s the travel king. I’m more like the travel prince. But when I’m travelling with my girlfriend, my mind gets relaxed and then most of the times great ideas come up. For me to be somewhere else is really a great source of inspiration. And of course from time to time it’s nice not to be on the road with the band. In this way you can escape the reality of being a musician.

Also a big part of travelling is to come home. What is the thing you look forward to the most when you return to Amsterdam?

Bram: Friends! Last year I was in Copenhagen for six months and when I returned to Amsterdam the band came to pick me up. This moment was magical, I felt so energized to go back to work with them. Of course, you miss your family, too, but to make music with these guys feels like home to me. People describe home as a place but it also can be a feeling. And that’s what this band means to me: a feeling of home.

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