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„I am currently experimenting with different types of sounds“ – Gundelach im Interview

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Friday Night Jamboree spricht mit Bookern, Promotern, DJs, Produzenten und Labelbetreibern über aktuelle Themen aus der Szenelandschaft. Dabei entstehen bunte und interessante Gesprächsrunden, welche in Textform veröffentlicht werden.

„I am currently experimenting with different types of sounds“ – Gundelach im Interview

Norway’s sweetheart Gundelach is returning to the limelight with his latest single ‘Garden’ from his upcoming debut LP!

Kai Gundelach considers himself as a singer-songwriter first, but he started out his musical journey with playing theatre, singing in choirs and spinning DJ-Sets in his bedroom. Moving on to the club environment, he elaborated his skills as a DJ and then slowly built his reputation as an artist and producer. His first ever song ‘Alone In The Night’ has only been released in Scandinavia to stimulate a soft and organic growth, ironically it hit the 1 million mark on Spotify quite quickly anyway. It soon became obvious that there was something big going on, not only because of Pharrel Williams playing his next single ‘Spiders’ in his Beats1 radio show. Gundelach’s sound is introverted, reflexive and thoughtful, but also bloomy and ambrosial thanks to his fantastic guitar play and the use of well-known synthesizers such as the Juno-60 or the Prophet-6. After last year’s selftitled debut EP, he is now going to gather his forces for his first full-length album. We chatted with him about his current sound conception, the live setup and his exceptional cover designs!

There occured quite a funny coincidence regarding the online platform Juno that tagged your earlier music with the genre Balearic. Besides it being hard to categorize music in general, how would you describe the sound on your upcoming full-length LP?

That is funny! I like balearic music. I have been playing tons of balearic tracks when I was working as a DJ during my daytime summer gigs in Oslo. It is hard to describe sound in general, that is true. On the album, there will be a lot of songs being distinct from each other. I am currently experimenting with different types of sounds, I even tried to produce a metal track the other day!

Your last year’s self-titled debut EP has been co-produced by Joel Ford in New York City who also had his hands on Com Truise and Cyril Hahn. How come that you have changed the producer?

Joel and I are still in contact and sending stuff back and forth! Additionally, I had a session with John Calvert in London last year and we hit it off. I then went over to England a couple of months ago and we finished some songs together, but I produced most of the tracks on the upcoming album by myself, though.

Your live setup consisted of several synthesizers played by your friend Paal, a bass player, a drummer and yourself. Will there be any changes in that constellation?

We are an established band, but we like to switch things up from time to time. Paal and I play a lot of gigs as a two-man-band, we sometimes use drum machines instead of live drums as well. We also have a trio setup with Jonas on the drums.

Are there any favorite locations of yours you would love to play at?

I want to play everywhere! A European and a U.S tour would be dope.

The older logo design with the tagged smiley face is quite unique and has a very personal meaning to you. Could you give some background information regarding your latest cover design for Garden?

I took the picture in a cemetery called ‘Nunhead’ in the South East of London when I was writing the lyrics for ‘Garden’. My girlfriend Marie added the rest and finally edited it. All my covers have been done by her, she is awesome!

You are friends with the Norwegian DJ and producer Finnebassen who was a special guest at some of your live shows and who also made a remix for your successfull song ‘Spiders’. Are there any future remixes planned?

There is a remix of ‘Garden’ coming out pretty soon!

The first single has already been released. When will your album see the day of light?

A date has not been set yet, but it is going to come out in early 2018 for sure!

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