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„Courage is very important“ – Efdemin im Interview

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Friday Night Jamboree spricht mit Bookern, Promotern, DJs, Produzenten und Labelbetreibern über aktuelle Themen aus der Szenelandschaft. Dabei entstehen bunte und interessante Gesprächsrunden, welche in Textform veröffentlicht werden.

„Courage is very important“ – Efdemin im Interview

Phillip Sollmann, also known as Efdemin, is a restless artist who is exploring different art forms and constantly pushing boundaries.

With new music scheduled for early 2018, we spoke with the Berlin based musician and Ostgut affiliate about his gig at the Fuchsbau Festival in Lehrte, his diverse and multi dimensional spectrum of interests in the musical field and his point of view on djing. On top of that, he reveals five of his current and beloved vinyls that will not leave his record bag any time soon.

At Fuchsbau Festival, the Berlin based collective Jutojo supported your DJ-Set with a visual concept. What has been the main idea behind it and how did you connect with them?

I have been working together with Jutojo for several years who have their studio in the same building as I do. That is why we meet quite often even if we are not working together. We have already produced a lot of different videos for some of my songs and performed an audio-visual live concept called ‘Staub’. The Fuchsbau Festival gave us the opportunity to participate in the visual concept and I instantly had the idea to collaborate once again. It was a pleasant feeling to play in front of your own videos although I could not see much of them because of my position on stage.

At Kestnergesellschaft in Hannover, you organized an extraordinary organ concert together with Konrad Sprenger as a part of Anette Kelm exhibition. You even created new instruments especially for that occasion. Please tell us something about the background of this event.

We developed the ‘Modular Organ System 1’. The project is the result of long-standing mutual interests and ideas but it is still the first attempt, though. We want to continue working on the air-operated and midi-regulated organ and to explore all of its possibilities. It was very exciting to perform without loudspeakers as well. For a long time now, I have been fascinated by working with mechanical instruments as you can witness in my previous work, that includes a siren and a motor-powered humming top.

Addionally, you compile various concepts and ideas beside the house and techno cosmos. Your Monophonie project is a great example in which you used instruments of the dignified composer Harry Partch and combined them with sculptures of Val Bertoia and the floating drones of the double siren by Hermann von Helmholtz for a concert. What was notable about that and do you need alternative projects for your personal satisfaction?

I simply have many different interests besides techno music which I love a lot. In Monophonie, only mechanical audio sources and instruments were used. Harry Partch was a visionary genius who already built frequency-generating instruments in the sixties that were used in electronic music many years later.

How do you picture a classical listener of your music?

That is a nice question! I hope they are beautiful and critical minds who like my idiom.

One of the key elements of djing is to select the right track at the right time and to somehow read and navigate the audience through a night. How important is it for you to also teach the crowd your understanding of music and not only to entertain?

Once in a while, I try to integrate breathing or listening breaks if I have the guts to do so. It depends on a lot of different factors if I can live up to the expectations that I apply to myself. The element of courage is very important as well. If you are able to open your ears a little bit more, the re-entering kick drum will be much more pleasant.

You published some pictures out of the studio on your facebook page lately. Could you tell us something about your future musical plans?

After an intensively working process with the Partch instruments, it is time to enter my beautiful studio again. You can find me in there producing new music every day. At the beginning of 2018, a lot of interesting music will be released!

Last but not least, would you reveal five of your favorite releases that will never ever leave your vinyl-bag during the next weeks?

Of course, I would love to do that!

Alpha TracksBlue (Morbid)

Soul DestroyazMind Tricks (Synewave)

Porter RicksVol 1 (Force Inc. Music Works)

Aleksi PeräläThe Colundi Sequence Vol. 2 (Djak-Up-Bitch)

PlastikmanArtifacts (NovaMute)

Efdemin im Internet:

Interview: Tim Schulze, Henry Schwarz und Jannis Damitz
Text: Tim Schulze und Jannis Damitz
Fotos: Yasmin Haddad, Helge Mundt

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